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What Exactly Is Profollica?

Unbelievably, there are those that prefer all natural remedies for curing non life threatening conditions. While many pharmaceutically developed products for hair loss are proven beyond question to regrow hair, this minority soldiers on in search of less mysterious concoctions that they perceive as being less likely to do damage to their bodies. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider Profollica.

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This review aims at providing a balanced, unbiased presentation of the product so that the reader may have some facts to begin making informed decisions.

Profollica is an all-natural remedy that tries to reverse hair loss by targeting the dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, buildup around hair follicles. This is the main cause of male pattern hair loss (it also affects human females and some lower primates, so the name is something of a misnomer).

Hair growth and loss occurs in cycles -- DHT inhibits the growth cycle, thereby ceding the battle to the hair loss cycle. This results in net hair loss and ultimately baldness. Most products for alleviating hair loss use this as their main strategy. The difference is in the actual substances used and the overall approach to defeating DHT buildup.

How does Profollica accomplish this?

There is an enzyme in the body called 5AR (5 Alpha-Reductase) which converts unbound, or free testosterone to DHT. Pharmaceutical products contain drugs which inhibit this enzyme. Profollica uses natural substances toward the same goal. Also targeted is the Adrogen Receptor gene, an important factor in pattern baldness.

Profollica is a product for men only. It comes in two forms:

1. Profollica XT Topical Activator Serum: That's quite a mouthful, but it isn't taken internally. The serum is used topically and includes oleic acid, saw palmetto extract, grapeseed extract, pygeum bark, linoleic acids, stinging nettle extract, and azalaic acid.

2. Profollica Capsules: That name is easier to swallow, which is exactly what you do with these. The ingredients include saw palmetto berry extract, zinc sulphate and vitamin B6.

Now for the pros and cons.

Pros -

Profollica's main perceived advantage is that the product doesn't mute the libido. Mainstream products show this negative side affect in a small percentage of patients, and it is a major concern for those considering hair regrowth formulas.

Additionally, the various ingredients of Profollica have a long history of beneficial effects for overall health. This means that even if it fails to grow hair in an individual case, the body still derives ancillary benefits from using Profollica.

Cons -

The capsules can cause mild stomach discomfort (as can many medications), which is managed by insuring that the capsule is taken with food. The topical serum can in some cases cause scalp irritation, but this effect is mitigated when the serum is introduced gradually over the first week of use.

Profollica has not been subjected to any significant clinical trials, and therefore does not have any clinically proven effectiveness for hair regrowth. The user is his own trial, and as with many natural remedies, must see for himself if the product works for him.

Note concerning FDA or similar approvals: No governing body has tested Profollica, which is a common circumstance with natural remedies. This should not be taken as a statement concerning efficacy of the product. Bodies like the FDA are extant only in order to test the safety of a given product for public consumption. Therefore, nothing should be read into any lack of approval concerning the effectiveness of any product.

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