Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scalp Med

The self consciousness associated with baldness can make life very difficult. Solving the problem requires in part unbiased information about the products available. We present reviews of those products, starting here with Scalp Med.

Scalp Med's basics.

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This product is developed to be used in three parts, and is marketed at The product is owned by GR Hair Solutions, LLC. The advertising is for a 'complete' solution to hair loss. As sold and delivered, it includes a supply of two months' worth of each of the three components. The official site description reads in part that it is "... a new hair growth solution that offers real results without any side effects."

What are the Scalp Med components?

Contained in Scalp Med is the highest dosage that is permitted to be sold without a prescription of Minoxidyl, 5% for topical use. This chemical is a very strong stimulant for hair regrowth. It's generic name is Vitadil® 5A. Scalp Med was first unveiled by Health Labs, Inc. The name is trademarked.

Scalp Med looks like...

Alone among other products in its approach, Scalp Med requries that the user apply three products which act together to achieve what the makers believe is the best balanced solution for hair loss.

For Men:

Vitadil® 5A - The generic of Minoxidyl, this is the active ingredient. It inserts itself into the hair follicles in order to revitalize them and stimulate growth of hair.

Nutrisol-RM - Think of this as a sort of food for the follicles. It contains necessary nutrients for healthy follicle tissue, which is a great assist in allowing the follicles to fully utilize the Vitadil.

Cortex Enlarger - a hair thickening spray. Similar to other thickening sprays on the market, its purpose is to accelerate the result by giving hair a thicker, fuller look. Scalp Med designates this a 'bonus product'.

Optional additional products are a detoxifying cleanser kit which consists of Panthenol-DX Scalp Detoxifier, and Scalp Med Shampoo. Also available are Scalp MEd Mega Mulitivitamins. The prevailing price is $29.99.

For Women:

Vitadil® 2A - This is a variant of the Vitadil® 5A solution, made for women and is provided in the maximum strength. Also included are the same Nutrisol-RF and Cortex Enlarger present in the mens' version.

Down side of Scalp Med.

For those who tend toward all natural or organic products, this does not fit that particluar bill. The active ingredient is known to have general side effects which are well documented. These might include scalp irritation or itching, and also affects on blood pressure.

CAUTION: Those who fall within the area of the 'blood pressure concerned' should not use this product without first evaluating its possible effects on their blood pressure. It is highly advisable therefore to consult your physician to determine if it is safe to use in your particular case before using it.

Scalp Med's up side.

It's a known quantity. While the three-product approach is an enhanced overall solution, the basic and active ingredient is well-known and well-documented as a proven hair growth stimulant. Any possible side affects have been documented in numerous trials spanning many years, which speaks to the overall safety and reliability of the product. Scalp Med provides the maximum allowable non-prescription dosage of this ingredient, Vitadil®.

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