Sunday, April 8, 2012

Provillus Doesn't Perform As Hoped In Medical Study

There were quite a great number of folks who claimed to have evidence of precisely how powerful this product was for coping with hair loss. 

After what seemed like a constant flow of individuals contacting us about this Provillus product we decided to do our own clincal study in the item to determine if it really works. 

Merely a substantial block of our followers are researching choices to Propecia after it's been found to cause permanent impotence in many guys who use it. 

Propecia was found to be the reason many people suffered PERMANENT impotence after taking the drug. The big thing about Propecia is that it works a little too well. DHT is the reason why your reproductive organs are the size they are. A scarcity of DHT can seriously effect your concentration. 

Some guys commited suicide after becoming depressed on the side effects. 

We should get back to talking about Provillus. 

There are a sizable amount of sites out there with partial coverage of Provillus. 

The sole one website that I saw that was even making an effort at being objective. This website gave me a reasonably honest and precise review of Provillus. There's no other area which you can get Provillus besides on the net.. It generally does not need to abide by the same standards as the FDA approved Propecia. 

This may likely be the first and last clincal trial for the merchandise.. This testing will give us a straight answer about precisely how well this Provillus treatment works. Provillus will not be able to get away with not having any clinical studies done on it is effectiveness. 

We were troubled by the volume of data that we needed to accumulate for this particular trial. We were determine to get this study completed within 2 years so we started promptly. 

The study reveals for certain just how well Provillus works at addressing hair loss associated matters.. After 6months of testing we found that Provillus failed to grow hair over 25% of the patients who used the product. Propecia's success rate was shown to be rather higher than Provillus at 75%. 

Provillus wasn't a really amazing success story, but it did a little better than anticipated.. Provillus did not do as badly as Rogaine, but it did not quite match Propecia. I am hoping we usually do not get a single question about this stuff ever again. It generally does not matter whether you choose to purchase the item or not. You understand what you really need to know to make an educated choice.. 

I can not recommend the product to anyone.


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