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Provillus - Hair loss Products

Baldness unfortunately can not be cured; however there are several products on the market that help promote hair growth or hide hair loss.  The effectiveness of the products you use to treat hair loss with depends on the source or reason for the hair loss in the first place.  There are different types of hair loss, and different reasons you could be loosing hair.  Hair loss products are not for everyone.

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The best type of hair loss products you should use are over the counter products you apply directly to the scalp.  Products you apply directly to the scalp such as Rogaine that contain Minoxidil.  Minoxidil is a vasodilator; it gets your blood flowing to your head, and your roots promoting healthy hair growth.  New hair grown from these products is commonly thinner and shorter than your previous hair.  Products you apply directly to your scalp are better because you're not ingesting something for hair growth that can affect other parts of your body, and even your sex drive.

Rogaine, Propecia and Provillus are they hair loss miracles?

Propecia is a prescription pill you take daily designed to help reduce the amount of hair loss you are experiencing due to the hormone byproduct that causes hair loss. Blocking the byproduct that causes hair loss can result in lowering your sex drive.

It is better to address the hormone byproduct that results to hair loss with preventive products that you apply directly to the scalp where they are absorbed and do not interfere with your body's natural process by ingesting a pill.  Like Minoxidil better known as Rogaine is a vasodilator meaning it increases the blood flow in your veins, bringing more blood flow to your scalp providing more blood flow to your roots, and increasing the chance of hair growth.

Provillus was named the #1 hair loss treatment of 2009.  Provillus is a pill, it contains Minoxidil, and a blocker for the hormone byproduct that causes hair loss.  The company that makes provillus claims there are no side affects.

Ultimately the product you choose to prevent hair loss is up to you.  All of these prescriptions have their own fine print.  Good luck in your search.

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